Resumes for Your Success!

Our highly-sought after writers can craft a career-boosting resume for you in as little as 2 days.


With more than 2 years under your belt, some of your most important career path decisions will take place in this phase of your career.  By deciding to have your resume professionally written you are gaining an edge on your competition during your next career move.

Resume Writing/Editing Process:
  1. Email your exisiting resume to us. Click on the contact us link or page to begin your journey towards a new, attention grabbing resume.
  2. We will email a questionnaire to you. To allow us to better understand the positions to which you will be applying, your accomplishments, your struggles in past positions and give us more of the information we need to craft a great resume for you.
  3. Speak with your assigned writer. Your writer will contact you at the time you specify to briefly discuss your resume and gather additional information not included in your original resume or questionnaire.
  4. Receive your resume in 4 days. Within 4 days (unless you purchase our rush service) your resume will be delivered to you via email in MS Word and Text format for your review.
  5. Revision Period. Once you receive your newly crafted resume, you may notice points that do not fit your personality or may use words that you're not comfortable with. You will have 5 days from receipt of your first draft to collaborate with your writer to ensure you are 100% comfortable and satisfied with your new resume.

Professional Resume Price $299.